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To everyone who is considering the development of a tactile AI (artificial intelligence) system We accept tactile AI (artificial intelligence) system development We are currently accepting consultations on tactile AI and system development. Do you have the data? Big data or data that holds a certain number of cases / columns (items) is required. This data becomes "teacher data". We need months to years, or tens of thousands or more of data. The work of keeping some of the data and investigating the possibility is also an estimate. For data that corresponds to personal information, please make the part that corresponds to personal data unique (data that does not include personal data and cannot identify an individual).

Need for continuous checking and improvement of AI model AI makes predictions from historical data. Therefore, there is a possibility that the error of the predicted value will increase in the future during operation. It is necessary to provide actual data on a regular basis, check data errors, and create a new AI model. This is the "Periodic error confirmation and AI model update" item within the operating costs. This item may not be needed if the data is unchanged and expected to remain unchanged in the future, but AI generally requires regular checks, improvements and updates.



The deliveries are as follows The "model" created by AI system development requires a very complicated environment such as the OS environment and various library versions. Also, even if you give this "model", nothing can be done. In order to perform tasks such as "prediction" from the model, it is necessary to have a system that inputs data to the model, receives the results, and outputs them in a form that the person in charge can see. h a p t c o provides a dedicated agent screen. The delivered goods will be provided by the cloud system used by SAC or the environment that can be accessed by WEB-API

We propose a new business model for the interaction between people and technology.

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